Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Germany to Poland

Hallo und guten Abend alle miteinander,

Yesterday I took a short trip to another fairy tale town. I went to Bad Wildungen to see the place that inspired the story of Snow White. It was Monday so museums were closed, but we went anyway and saw the Snow White house and the mining museum. We also stopped and saw a series of statues for the story. Then we stopped into one small shop that was open with rocks of different types from different mines, some from the mine started by the woman who founded the mine and was later poisoned, thus forming the tale of Snow White. They had lots of cool stones and I of course couldn't resist buying some. After that I went back to my friend's house in Schwalmstadt to relax, do laundry, and pack before I left.

This morning I hit the road and drove all the way to Oświęcim. In the morning I'll take a day long tour of both of the Auschwitz camps. It is a little surreal to stay at not only the same hotel from 4 years ago when I was here, but to stay in a hotel directly across the street from Auschwitz I. 

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